Parking, Traffic, Construction and OSHA Signs

Parking, Traffic, Construction and OSHA Signs

Parking signs designate where to, or where NOT to park. You might need parking signs for your church, school, or business parking lot to designate spaces for your customers only, for reserved parking or for handicapped customers. You may need to direct traffic where the parking area is or you may want to indicate areas where no parking is allowed. For these types of signs, we recommend the standard 18" tall x 12" wide aluminum, available in .040 or .080 thicknesses. Reflective background and/or lettering is also available.

We offer many of the most commonly used traffic, construction and OSHA signs used in the United States. All are .080 aluminum and are available with or without reflective background.

We also offer U-Channel posts, 6', 8', or 10' tall.

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